Synthetic Motor Oils

Synthetic Motor Oils

AMSOIL created the synthetic motor oils market in 1972 when it introduced the first API qualified synthetic. Synthetic motor oils are complicated substances, engineered to keep your engine running cleaner, longer and better than conventional oils. Experience counts, and AMSOIL's still offering the best synthetic motor oil today.

Synthetic motor oils offer longer drain intervals.  They improve your fuel efficiency by reducing the oil "drag" created by higher viscosity oils.  And they have none of the natural byproducts of conventional oils that make it through the refining process to break down under the high temperatures of your engine.  Thus they help your engine run cleaner and resist fouling from sludge and oxidation by-products.

AMSOIL offers a full range of products to ensure you can find the best synthetic motor oil for your specific application.

Passenger Cars

AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to greatly outlast conventional oils.  It's engineered to resist high temperature volatility, as well as the formation of acids and sludge that reduce the life of normal oils.  This reduces maintenance and oil disposal costs. 

At the same time, AMSOIL Signature Series gives your car all the advantages of an engineered synthetic, including reduced engine wear, better cold flow properties, and cleaner emissions.


For heavy pickups and commercial fleet operations, there's AMSOIL's Series 3000 diesel synthetic oil.  Series 3000 is a 5W-30 oil formulated for diesel engines.  Its detergent and dispersal additives help it resist wear and soot thickening that can result in engines using Exhaust Gas Recirculation.

Series 3000 diesel synthetic oil is also designed to resist evaporation, even at high temperatures.  This means less oil vapor gets into the combustion chamber, resulting in a cleaner burning engine and less oil loss for longer drain intervals.

High Performance Vehicles

For racing and other high performance applications, there's AMSOIL's Dominator Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil.  Dominator Synthetic offers the same benefits as other synthetic motor oils, plus proprietary friction modifiers designed for even greater protection under extreme RPM, temperatures and shock loading. 

Dominator Synthetic also includes zinc and phosphorus-based additives that make it the best synthetic motor oil for street rods and muscle cars, as well as any engine that uses flat-tappet cams.

Whatever your application, AMSOIL produces synthetic motor oils specifically designed to do the job better than conventional oil.  And they've been doing it longer than anyone else.


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