Synthetic Grease

Synthetic Grease

Synthetic grease  is one of the most widely used lubricants in the world. That's because, when it was made from conventional oil, grease was okay for pretty much everything.  But modern machinery is more demanding, and "okay" isn't enough anymore.  A good chassis grease isn't necessarily a good 5th wheel grease or a good bearing grease.

With its synthetic lubricants experience, AMSOIL  synthetic grease  is precisely engineered for your particular needs.  AMSOIL's synthetic grease brings the same advantages synthetic oils have over conventional lubes to the grease market.  Whatever your application, they'll offer longer service life, better temperature stability, and superior lubrication.

For general needs like automotive lubrication, AMSOIL's GL Series multi-purpose EP grease gets the job done.  It's a lithium grease with a synthetic oil base that provides superior film strength and shear resistance.  It comes in NLGI #0, #1 and #2 grades for use as a wheel bearing grease, in heavy and light industrial applications, and for automatic lubrication systems with long pumping runs.

AMSOIL's GH Series Heavy Duty EP Grease is the choice for extreme pressure environments such as road building and heavy construction equipment.  In addition to lithium complex additives, it's fortified with molybdenum to provide additional lubricating power.  To meet the demands of high temperature, extreme working conditions, AMSOIL's GH synthetic grease is rated up to 325 degrees.

For boating applications and other situations where the concern is less about high pressure than water resistance, AMSOIL created its GWR water resistant synthetic grease.  This is a high pressure grease formulated specifically to resist washout and sprayoff.  It also features an arsenal of anti-rust anti-corrosion additives to seal and protect metal surfaces.

Semi-Truck 5th wheels and open gears are a particularly demanding grease application.  For them, there's AMSOIL's GFW.  A spray-on 5th wheel grease designed specifically for trucking, GFW is formulated with extra tackiness to help it adhere to metal surfaces at a range of temperatures, even on open gears or chains.  It provides a tough film to prevent metal on metal wear, and needs no solvents.

And for the extreme demands of racing, AMSOIL offers its Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease.  Optimized for high temperatures and speeds, Series 2000 is a lithium grease that passes the Ford Film Strength Endurance test with a 16 point margin.  That means superior friction resistance and protection that will last until the finish line.


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