Suspension Fluid

Suspension Fluid

Suspension fluid faces some unique challenges.  It has to both lubricate moving parts and act as a damping medium to absorb vibration from the ground surface and convert it into heat to keep it from reaching the rest of the vehicle.  Thus it has to act like a motor oil, like a hydraulic fluid, and like a coolant.  And it has to do each one seamlessly to make sure you get maximum fuel efficiency as well as smooth steady rebounds to help you maintain control over rough surfaces.

It's a lot to ask of a fork fluid or shock oil.  Especially since suspension fluid is often one of those things that's poured in and then forgotten. Over time, the constant physical action can cause foaming.  Loss of viscosity can increase friction in the moving parts of the shocks or forks, leading to wear and decreased performance.  Worse, the heating caused by rapid compression can eventually break down complex hydrocarbons into simpler molecules - acids and sludge that just speed up the breakdown of the suspension fluid.

The answer is synthetic suspension fluid, and AMSOIL offers the best synthetic shock oil and fork fluid on the market.  Synthetic lubricants are specifically engineered to do their specific jobs, and nothing else.  They contain none of the waxes and other by-products that make it through the petroleum refining process.  There's nothing that isn't supposed to be there, nothing to break down and gum up sensitive parts.

Synthetic suspension fluid in general runs cooler and smoother for better performance, less energy loss through friction, and longer service life.

AMSOIL's SHOCK THERAPY synthetic shock oil and fork fluid offers all the advantages of synthetics, plus additives to condition seals, resist foaming and all the specialized functions modern suspension fluid has to perform.

SHOCK THERAPY comes in two versions for different suspension applications.  Light #5 offers a lower viscosity, where less dampening is required, and quicker rebounds are critical.  It's also the choice for cold-weather applications like snowmobiles.  AMSOIL's medium #10 version of SHOCK THERAPY is a higher viscosity suspension fluid that provides more dampening and slower rebounds.

Both versions offer premium synthetic quality, fade-free dampening and smooth operation.  And both are highly resistant to oxidation and other damage, meaning they'll protect your suspension more effectively than conventional lubricants, and they'll keep doing it longer.


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