Oil Filters

Oil Filters

Both the air and oil going into your engine need to be filtered.  The conventional way of doing this was with a cellulose fiber medium - essentially paper.  But AMSOIL offers a better option:  synthetic nanofiber filters.  Both oil filters and air filters can benefit from this technology.

The surface of synthetic nanofiber filters has many more fibers, though each is far smaller, and the spaces between them are much smaller.  This means more material is trapped than in conventional filters, and more of it is trapped on the surface rather than penetrating deep into the filter where it can more drastically reduce the flow of air or oil.  Thus synthetic filters work better, and last longer.

AMSOIL offers a range of performance air filters and oil filters based on this technology.  Whatever you drive, AMSOIL's synthetic filters can protect your engine more efficiently, while improving performance and saving money in the process.


AMSOIL's main synthetic filter for cars and light trucks is the Ea Oil Filter.  The Ea offers significantly finer particulate trapping than conventional filters.  In ISO testing, it achieves a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 15 microns, while competing filters score between 40 and 80 percent. For motorcycle oil filters, AMSOIL's EaM filter offers the same superior filtration and longer life. 

For bypass oil filter applications - where there's no concern about impeding oil flow to the engine - AMSOIL's EaBP bypass oil filter takes advanced filtration technology to the limits, offering the same 98.7 percent filtration efficiency all the way down to a 2 micron scale.  In a typical five-quart sump, it will apply that level of cleaning to the entire oil supply in less than ten minutes.


AMSOIL's Ea car air filters apply the same nanofiber technology to cleaning the air going into your engine.  The Ea car air filter's nanofiber construction can remove five times as much dust from the air as a conventional cellulose filter, and fifty times as much as wet gauze models.

At the same time, AMSOIL's synthetic air filters can provide improved airflow with their huge number of pore openings.  By trapping most contaminants on the surface, cleaning the filter is more effective at extending its life.  The Ea performance air filter is guaranteed for four years or 100,000 miles, providing a significant savings over conventional filters.


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