Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic equipment is used in a huge range of applications, from forestry to agriculture to industrial processes.  Hydraulic oil has to meet the varied demands of all these applications.  The best hydraulic oil will fit the particular needs of the job while providing superior lubrication and hydraulic properties.

AMSOIL offers a complete line of synthetic hydraulic oils that takes advantage of the precise formulation of synthetics to offer the best hydraulic oil for any particular application.

Agriculture is a major sector for hydraulic oil, and an especially challenging one.  AMSOIL's hydraulic tractor fluid line includes products that can keep equipment running better for longer, maximizing fuel efficiency and operating time and saving money.

AMSOIL's Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil is an SAE 5W-30 hydraulic tractor fluid that maintains viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, helping avoid seasonal change-outs.  It provides the usual advantages of synthetics, plus a range of additives that optimize it for use in tractors and other heavy agricultural equipment.  Anti-foaming agents to ensure smooth operation without sudden starts or chattering.  Oxidation inhibitors help the oil resist breakdown and contamination.  And seal and hose conditioners help keep the rest of your hydraulic system in prime working order.

For applications where soil and crops can't be contaminated with conventional  hydraulic oil, AMSOIL offers a biodegradable hydraulic oil, TBI ISO 32/46.  TBI biodegradable hydraulic oil offers all the advantages of a synthetic hydraulic oil and outperforms vegetable oil-based alternatives - but still biodegrades to its natural state when exposed to sunlight, water and microbial action.

Industrial machinery and heavy equipment also rely on specialized hydraulic oils.  For these applications, AMSOIL offers its AW series of anti-wear products for gear or vane and piston pumps.  AW hydraulic oils are available in versions from ISO 15 all the way to ISO 68, with plenty of stops in between. 

All AMSOIL's AW hydraulic oils meet Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid (mehf) standards and can lower costs or raise productivity by 6 to 15%.  As synthetic hydraulic oils without paraffins and other refining byproducts, the AW line also offers a wider range of operating temperatures, meaning reduced startup times and preheating. 

From mobile equipment to machine tools and presses to boom trucks and construction equipment to agricultural equipment, AMSOIL's expertise with synthetics guarantees you the best hydraulic oil under any conditions.  Whatever challenges your equipment faces, AMSOIL's synthetic hydraulic oils will meet them and keep on working.


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