Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmissions and differentials are critical for delivering maximum power to your vehicle's wheels.  They're also complex systems that need serious, long lasting protection.  Both automatic transmission fluid and oil for manual transmissions need to maintain viscosity to provide long lasting wear protection.  But if viscosity is too high, the fluid can drag on the gears, wasting engine power and lowering fuel efficiency.

Synthetic transmission fluids can strike this delicate balance much better than conventional lubricants can.  And AMSOIL offers a full line of premium quality oils for both manual and automatic transmissions.  Whatever you need, AMSOIL's product line can give you better protection and performance, while resisting wear to provide a longer service life.

Automatic Transmissions

AMSOIL offers a line of synthetic automatic transmission fluid for every need from passenger cars to heavy trucks and buses to racing vehicles.  For general applications, AMSOIL's Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provides superior anti-wear protection over the life of your transmission.  AMSOIL ATF is a synthetic formulation that maintains its viscosity over a wider range of temperatures for smooth shifting and improved fuel economy.  It resists oxidation to prevent buildup of sludge and other byproducts that can harm engine performance and reduce the life of your transmission.

For heavy duty jobs like fleet vehicles, AMSOIL's Torque-Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provides superior synthetic protection, plus substantial cost benefits with a drain interval up to six times longer than conventional alternatives.  Torque-Drive's synthetic formulation resists buildup of varnish and acids for a stable fluid and steady shifting as well as superior high and low temperature performance.

AMSOIL's Super Shift racing transmission fluid is designed for the high horsepower and high torque applications found in racing.  Its specialized racing additives are designed to provide high holding capacity.  It virtually eliminates slippage, providing smooth and effective shifts and shaving critical lap times.

Manual Transmissions

Oil for manual transmissions needs to protect sensitive parts while ensuring gears can mesh properly without grinding.  Viscosity is especially important in an oil for manual transmissions, and AMSOIL's synthetics meet the special needs of manual and synchromesh transmissions and transaxles.

For synchromesh transmissions, AMSOIL's Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a synthetic manual transmission and differential oil that offers better performance than manufacturer-branded conventional oils, often at a lower price.  It offers maximum energy efficiency, longer service life and better shifting in cold weather.

AMSOIL's Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube offers the same benefits for transmissions and transaxles that require an extreme pressure GL-4 lube.  It's precise synthetic formulation make it ideal for high temperature applications, and for the quick, high horsepower shifts common to muscle cars.


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