Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oil

Air compressors are used for a variety of purposes, from inflating tires to powering tools like air hammers to heavy industrial processes.  But they all work by drawing in air, trapping it in a container, and then applying force to compress the air. A superior  air compressor oil  Is required.

This is a more complicated process than it sounds at first, and air compressor oil faces a fairly difficult working environment.  Compressing air causes it to heat up, sometimes intensely, which creates a risk of fire or explosion if the oil reaches its ignition point.  It also alters the moisture capacity of the air, and can introduce water into the lubricant, which leads to viscosity loss and foaming.

The best way to overcome these problems is with a synthetic compressor oil, and AMSOIL offers a line of synthetic compressor oils that can keep compressors working smoother, safer and more efficiently

With their synthetic formulation, AMSOIL's synthetic compressor oils lack wax and other by-products found in petroleum-based lubricants.  This allows them to be almost completely free of carbon buildup.  They run much cleaner than conventional lubricants over a much wider temperature range.  With specialized additives, they resist foaming and oil/water emulsions that can lead to increased equipment wear.

Perhaps most importantly, AMSOIL's air compressor oils have much higher flash and ignition points than conventional lubricants, a key consideration in the high pressure and temperature environment of a compressor.  Their ashless additives also make it much harder for hot spots - which can promote ignition under high temperatures - to form.

For most compressor applications, AMSOIL's Synthetic PC series of compressor oils will exceed manufacturer recommendations.  Available from ISO 32 all the way up to 150, AMSOIL makes a synthetic compressor oil that will increase compressor efficiency, reduce wear and resist contamination and fire.  And it provides all this with the extended drain intervals of a synthetic product - 8,000 hours or more depending on operating conditions.

For demanding rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps, there's AMSOIL's SIROCCO synthetic ester oil/coolant.  It offers the same synthetic efficiency, protection and long life, and is biodegradable under the CEC-L33-A94 standard safety advantage.  Like all AMSOIL's synthetic compressor oils, it is wax-free and resists carbon contamination.  With it's high solvency, AMSOIL SIROCCO can even help remove contaminants left behind by an old, conventional lubricant.

Whatever your application, AMSOIL's synthetic compressor oils will do the job more effectively and more safely than conventional lubricants.


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