2 Cycle Oil

2 Cycle Oil

A 2 cycle engine oil is very different from a regular motor oil.  A 2 cycle oil mixes directly with the fuel.  In some engines this happens automatically through an injection system.  In others, the operator manually mixes the fuel and oil before filling the tank with the combination.

Either way, a 2 cycle engine oil is meant to do its job quickly and then burn off, to be replaced by the next intake of fuel.  This raises a whole range of concerns that are unique to 2 cycle oil.  The oil not only has to lubricate the engine while it's actually being burned, it has to do it without fouling the engine and with a minimum release of pollutants.

Anytime burning or high temperature breakdown of an oil is a concern, synthetics are the best answer.  Without wax and other by-products, a 2 cycle synthetic oil can do the job more effectively than a conventional lube.  Whether you're looking for a smokeless chain saw oil you won't have to breathe all day, or a snowmobile oil that will work reliably in cold temperatures, a 2 cycle synthetic oil from AMSOIL will do its job - and nothing else.

Injection Motors

In injection motors, AMSOIL's HP Injector 2 cycle synthetic oil offers superior lubrication and improved engine life.  As a snowmobile oil, HP Injector's specialized additives keep the oil fluid and able to mix with gasoline at low temperatures.  In outboard boating motors, HP Injector helps protect against rust and puts fewer pollutants into the water.

Pre-Mix Motors

For pre-mix engines, AMSOIL offers  2 cycle oil  that mix at 100:1 instead of the more typical 50:1 for greatly reduced emissions.  For gas-powered equipment like chainsaws or leaf blowers, Saber Professional is a smokeless oil with additives that keep carbon deposits from fouling engine parts.  For water-cooled pre-mix outboard engines, Saber Outboard is a 2 cycle engine oil that's more friendly to the environment, with much lower smoke, odor and toxicity than 50:1 mix oils.


For modified, high performance engines, AMSOIL's Dominator line of racing oils  includes Dominator 2-Cycle. To combat thermal expansion - which reduces clearance between parts and increases friction and drag - AMSOIL's Dominator 2 cycle oil offers superior film strength and lubricity at hot racing temperatures.  Dominator 2-Cycle can make the difference, in injection systems or as a 50:1 pre-mix.


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